Discover the Language & Culture of France!


Martine Heureux will strengthen your knowledge of the French Language by sharing her native language in a way you will both enjoy and learn most effectively. Martine has a long experience teaching and tutoring French and you will enjoy her lessons.

She has been a coach on the famous language method Rosetta Stone and she is presently working with several tutoring services.

She is also the author of children books.


Martine can help you discover or enhance her romantic native language with her French lessons.


Martine enjoys assisting people with documents they have drafted in French:  She targets anyone who has to write something in French: a letter, a report, a resume, or even an end of studies essay, or thesis. She is, for example, helping university students in French speaking countries who have to write a full essay, thesis, etc., and submit this work before the end of the university year. As universities are looking for a high quality in style and spelling, 2frenchperfection allows university students to produce exceptional work. She is the same way reviewing documents of all kinds to make sure they are using correct French grammar or spelling.


She can also direct you to a translation service upon request.


Reading and audio texts are another great way of getting more familiar with the language. Audio is the ultimate useful tool to perform your accent and your oral comprehension.


Martine recently started assisting people with ESL (English as a second language) and she also started visitors to the USA becoming familiar with practical English expressions.


Stay up-to-date with the French language and French culture with regular blog posts by Martine, found on her blog page! Discover unique nice, famous or romantic areas in the French speaking countries. Get familiar with some habits and customs: in a word, discover a world that is sometimes different than the one you are living in.


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