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French is a beautiful and romantic language, and you will be very pleased to refreshing your skills. Here are the services we offer to you .


A. French language lessons

They are designed to meet your needs. We can meet one-on-one or in small groups. We can also provide the lessons on internet. It doesn't matter if you a re a beginner or if you already master some skills, we are here to make sure you achieve your goal in conversation, writing, reading and listening. Everyone is welcome, from young children to teenagers or adults.


 All you need to do is contact us on info@2frenchperfection or text us on 786-290-9659. Lessons can also be provided online.


 B.Reading and audio texts are another great way of getting more familiar with the language. Audio is the ultimate useful tool to perform your accent and your oral comprehension. Reading will enhance your spelling and grammar. We will regularly post them on our blog.


French though can be very tough when it comes to


C. Conjugating verbs:

  • You have regular verbs, but so many irregular ones.
  • For example: how do you translate you do (plural or formal form) : which of the following solutions would you choose:vous faites or vous faisez ? The correct solution is vous faites, the verb is irregular.

Also how do you decide what tense needs to be used?

  • For example, to say I was sleeping when the phone rang, do I need to use Imparfait, Passé Composé or both? And why?
  • What is the Subjunctive? When should I use this tense and how do I form it?
  • What tense should I use in a sentence starting with “Si” ?
  • What is an auxiliaire (auxiliary verb)?
  • Why do you say  “J’ ai mangé” but “je suis allé”?
  • When does the past participle agree with the subject? When does the past participle agree with the direct complement object?


D.Grammar, which is also very complex

  • How can I decide if a noun is masculine or feminine? Is it true that “ une voiture (a car)” is feminine while “ un camion (a truck”) is masculine?
  • What is this weird pronoun “ON”?
  • Why  do you use Vous at singular and at plural? What is the difference?
  • Can I say Je vis en France pour dix ans or should I say je vis en France depuis dix ans?
  • What is the correct preposition? Je vis dans Paris ou à Paris? (à)
  • Why do you write: je vais en France, en Italie, etc…but je vais au Mexique, aux Etats-Unis
  • To form the plural of a noun or an adjective, you normally add an "s”, but some do not follow this pattern…


E. Documents review:


  • You have to write a letter or a report and you are not sure if you are doing a great job. We can help you by rereading it for you and bring the corrections it needs.We target anyone who has to write something in French: a letter, a report, a resume, or even an end of studies essay, or thesis. We are, for example, helping university students in French speaking countries who have to write a full essay, thesis, etc., and submit this work before the end of the university year. As universities are looking for a high quality in style and spelling, 2frenchperfection allows university students to produce exceptional work. We are the same way reviewing documents of all kinds to make sure they are using correct French grammar or spelling.


F Translation of documents

  • 2Frenchperfection can help you with the translation of documents from English, German, Russian or Spanish into French. Email us to receive a free estimate.


G Expressions

  • What is the correct translation for I am hungry? Je suis faim or j’ai faim? (J’ai faim)
  • How do you translate I am 20 years old? by j’ai 20 ans or by je suis vingt ans? (j’ai vingt ans).
  • and so many more…
  • Do you translate “it is sunny” by “Il y a du soleil” ? Or “il fait du soleil”? or can I use both ? (you can use both).
  • Why do French say : Il est professeur, but C’est un professeur?


H New spelling rules adopted by the French Academy

  • What are the new rules (recommendations) regarding the spelling recently adopted by The French Academy? Is from now on the correct spelling of “ a cake” un gateau, un gâteau,?Are both spellings allowed? When will those rules be effective?


I Culture

  • I am invited to a party at 7 pm.  When is it a nice time for me to arrive? At 7 pm like in USA, or a little bit later? (A little bit later in order for your hosts to be ready.)
  • I am invited to a party, am I supposed to bring a little gift? ( You don’t have to, but it will be very appreciated.)
  • How do I address a person when I meet him or her for the first time?
  • Do I have to leave a tip at a restaurant?
  • And so many more…
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 We have the right solution for you, wahtever your level or age is.


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